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Sell your home in Spain,

without being here!

Selling your property without being in the country is called: Selling Your Home "Remotely."
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You haven't been out to check on or visit your holiday home for what seems so long now.

The bills still have to be paid whether you're using it or not!

As each month passes, the feeling of "will I ever make it back to Spain again?" keep running through your mind.

So you've come to the conclusion you’re ready to sell now and you’ve got a number in mind. But what if you're not in Spain to start the selling process?

There’s a good chance you're missing out on potential buyers — especially as lots of international purchasers are continuing to buy via video calls and going on virtual viewing appointments without being in Spain themselves.

A staggering 95% of local property sales within the Costa Blanca were sold to buyers via online virtual viewing appointments in 2020!

If your property is not even on the market for sale, how will a buyer know you want to sell? The never-ending wait to return to Spain, means you're continuing to miss out on a potential sale!

Wouldn't you prefer to have the money in your bank right now?

Maybe you want to help a family member out that's on furlough or even lost their job during this pandemic. But you can't because your money is tied up in a holiday home in Spain that you are just not able to use anymore!

As soon as travel restrictions ease, there will be lots of homeowners just like you, that will be jumping on a plane and heading back to Spain to eagerly list their properties for sale.

The problem with that is they'll flood the market!

As a home seller, that is bad news.

The more properties available, the more choice a buyer will have. Ultimately, flooding a market with lots of available homes for sale, brings prices down.

The good news is, listing your property on the market for sale sooner rather than later will bring you a higher price!

If you're ready to sell your property "remotely" (without being in Spain), or at least you'd like to start the process of finding a buyer.... WE CAN HELP!

Let's get started! Click on the button below, NOW!

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